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About half our participants are return students.  We think that speaks for itself!  But don't take our word for it.


Thank you for a truly awesome experience.  I appreciate all you did to organize such an entertaining trip.   The group was so much fun and so caring.  You and Tim worked well together to share your artistic talents with us.  It was a trip I will never forget!


Its hard to imagine a more spectacular place to paint than Tuscany, or a better landing than our farm house, with its wonderful caste of characters, amazing food, the rustic and warm accomodations.  Everywhere the gage falls it is filled with a beauty that warms the heart and inspires the senses.  I loved every minute of this adventure!

Thank you Garrett and Tim!


I can't tell you how wonderful the trip was. Having your knowledge of the towns and being able to visit the secret spots that you were so familiar with made it seem like we were off the beaten path.

The trip was so incredible, something my mom, Megan and I will NEVER ever, ever, ever, ever forget it!!! I loved the group we had and I can't even put into words how happy I am to have gotten a chance to do this! I learned a ton (for a beginner) and I think another trip with you will push us so much further!

xo Mindy

Student work!


Our group size is intentionally limited to a intimate group so all students receive guided instruction in line with their experience.  Everyone will come back from the trip with new insights into landscape painting.   Each painting session we will break down the scene in front of us into simple ideas.  Then we will translate that idea on the canvas.  Instruction is gentle and positive.  Through demonstrations and historical examples students will learn to simplify and unify the the unfolding landscape of Tuscany.

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