Garrett will take the mystery out of picture making through demonstrations, lectures, and challenging lessons. Beginning students and more advanced students alike will benefit from Garrett's 30 years of experience painting on location. Engage in a week filled with art-making and artistic dialogue. Learn to simplify the chaos of nature, understand how to capture light with convincing values, and grasp the elements of composition. Practice reacting intuitively while painting en plein air and reflecting thoughtfully in the studio.



Working outside in the environment presents us with certain challenges.  The light is shifting, usually there is an overabundance of visual information, colors are changing, even the bugs or the temperature can distract us.  Then there is the shift that happens when the painting is brought indoors!  All this makes for something more akin to a battle then the romanticized vision we have come to think of when we think of painting "plein air." 


Yet these challenges are what makes painting in situ so exciting and so unlike painting in the studio.  We are attempting to capture a moment before it is gone.  This forces us to paint in a more unconscious way, because there is little time to stop and think.



It is my strong belief that given an open atitude, I can teach anyone to paint.  My classes are geared toward every level of student from beginner to life long painter.  Everyone will come back from the trip with new insights into landscape painting.   Each painting session we will break down the scene in front of us into simple ideas.  Then we will tranlate that idea on the canvas.  Instruction is gentle and positive.  Through demonstrations and historical examples students will learn to simplify and unify the the unfolding landscape of Tuscany.

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Santa Barbara, CA 93108


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