The heart of wine making in Tuscany, Montalcino affords painters a varied and ethereal beauty.  I have spent many days working and driving the smallest of agricultural use roads in order to discover some truly unique view points.  The area is shadowed by the dominant Monte Amiata.  While the town of Montalcino is made up of wine shops and small restaurants the landscape around Montalcino is delineated by vines and vast expanses.  We will also visit one of the true great Romanesque churches of Italy and listen in on Gregorian chants at Sant'Antimo.  



Montepulciano is another famous wine making region in Tuscany.  The landscape, much like the wines of this area, is characterized by a gentler and more harmonious terroir.  Beautiful rhythmic valleys unfold in front of the painter.  It is easy to find an underlying geometry and symmetry as it unfolds onto the Val d'Chiana.  Having lived just outside of Montepulciano in 1995 I have a unique perspective and knowledge of many of the hidden valleys.  



Cortona is history.  Surrounded by walls built by the Etruscans and their ancestors, Cortona is known as the "city of art."  Many famous artists were born here, including Pietro d'Cortona, Severini, and Signorelli. Cortona is a precious gift.  I have lived in Cortona many times since 1985.  The town has changed, but the essence of the town abides.  The people of Cortona will befriend you as one of their own.  Immense vistas of the plains below unfold before you.  You can walk the same paths of the mysterious Etruscans, explore the oldest part of town at the top to a well called "il Poggio", or visit the stations of the cross on the way to Santa Margherita, which contains the body of Santa Margherita.   






During our time in Tuscany we will visit places that are sure to amaze and inspire your creative spirit.  From the lyrical hills of Montepulciano and the immense vistas of Cortona, to the abstract and wild Asciano we will discover what makes Tuscany such a rich a place for painting.

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