One of the benefits of starting our trip in Cortona is that the city has a highly regarded art supply store.  Do not expect everything you would find back in the States, but it is fun to purchase some things while you are abroad.  I have been going to this art store, owned by a wonderful couple, since 1985:  Libreria Nocentini, Via Nazionale, 32 (closed Monday mornings).  My supply list assumes you will be working in oil paints.



There are certain colors and materials that we will use as a group.  This will help to keep expenses down, especially because some of these items are difficult to find.  Supplies will include:



Flake White

Cinnibar Yellow

Damar and stand oil



A variety of acrylic colors with which to start and tone our canvases.



Paint thinner 




Acrylic modeling paste



Pleases Note:  A $30 materials fee will be collected from each participant before departing for Italy.  If you are working exclusively in another medium please disregard this fee.  





The previous list has your basic colors, but I have found the need over the years to add some colors to my palette.  These are optional and please fell free to add your own favorites to your box.



Old Holland Blue Violet

Old Holland Purple Violet

Talens Indanthrene blue

Indigo Blue

Williamsburg Mars Orange

Transparent Yellow Oxide

Greenish Umber

Utrecht Ultramarine Violet

Flake White, your own tube(getting hard to find)

Scarlet Red

Cadmium Yellow Light

Magnesium Blue (Old Holland is the only manufacturer of "true" color.)

True Indian Yellow (made from the urine of bulls that have been fed mangos)



Maimeri is a very good Italian brand of paint in both acrylic and oils.





Please bring either the following supplies or count on purchasing some of them while in Cortona. For most colors, the best brand is Old Holland.  These are very expensive, though, so I have listed alternative brands when possible.


Titanium White*

Burnt Umber*

Raw Umber*

Raw Sienna*

Burnt Sienna*

Terra Verte*


Sap Green*

Chromium Green

Cobalt Blue(real)^

Ultramarine Blue*

Cadmium Red Medium

Cadmium Yellow Light



* Alternative manufacturer is Winsor Newton, "Newton" artist’s grade colors.  



^Alternative manufacturer is Talens Rembrandt.  Must be real, not imitation.




Various brushes.  I prefer Filbert and Bright brushes with some rounds.  I actually paint with small size brushes.  Get a variety of Hogs brushes and some synthetics for finer detail.



Canvas-this is a tough one.  I prefer variety, so here are some of the options.


Paint on lauan panels precut/pre-gesso brought in your luggage.



Buy canvases in Cortona (hopefully they have enough of them)



Stretch cut canvas to a board and gesso nightly.  Buy canvas or bring your own.



Paint on paper that you gesso and tape to board.



Watercolor board cut and gessoed then brought in your suitcase.



Buy stretchers in Cortona, unstretch canvas when you are done.  Restretch new canvas on stretcher bar nightly then gesso.  Roll canvases on outside of poster roll to carry home (works great!).



Your favorite medium.  Check to make sure it’s airplane safe.



A sketchbook with charcoal and a variety of pencils.  Make sure you have some red oxide conte crayon in your box.



An easel of your choice.  I prefer a French easel, but others like the portability of telescoping metal easels.  



Palette-nice to have one that can be covered



Paper towels, various jars, 



Umbrella that attaches to your easel.  (Yes, it really works well.)













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