If there is one defining characteristic of Tuscan food it is that it’s best when it is simple. Simplicity of ingredients, simplicity of process, and honesty and respect for local products are the hallmarks of Tuscan cuisine.  Many of our lunches will be picnics of local ingredients such as pecorino cheese with prosciutto, or crusty bread and fresh pesto.  

When we eat out it will be with a purpose in mind.  Each trattoria will be chosen because of its loyalty to the beauty that is Tuscan cuisine.  From fresh truffle pasta to pasta alla arrabiata to handmade picci or incredible panna cota, you will experience the best that this region can offer.  


After traveling down many of the backroads of this region I have learned NOT to judge a restaurant by its cover.  Some of the best dining is very different from conventional notions of a proper restaurant.  Usually the more rustic and simple the exterior the better the food.  Some of my best meals in Italy have actually been in something more akin to a truck stop then a "ristorante."  We will visit the backroad family-owed trattorias for a truly exciting culinary experience.  


While ordering in restaurants I encourage you to try out your practical Italian. Once you know a couple of the rules of the language it is easier to put your new skill to work.  A little effort goes a long way in this country!

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