Cortona has been on the tourist map for some time now.  But it is rightfully termed the "city of art."  One of the oldest cities of the Etruscans, it has had inhabitants for thousands of years before Christ.  In Cortona we will turn our attention to all the culture it has to offer.  From the well regarded Etruscan Museum to the diminutive church of San Niccholo perched high above Cortona.  This little jewel boasts three Luca Signorelli's.  Later, we pay homage to Santa Margarita how is still looking very good for being 700 years old.  After climbing to the top of Cortona we will marvel at the views below us while following the Stations of the Cross by Severini. 


I have been visiting Cortona since 1985.  Over time I have fostered some wonderful relationships with the Cortonese.   You to will leave Cortona with new friendships.  From shops to tiny eating establishments we will venture into the less visited corners of this unique town.  

If time allows we will break out the sketchbooks and work on our areal perspective from high above the valley floor.  

Included in the program is an afternoon with Antonella. A local professional chef.  She will help us make a local pasta called "pici."  Its an afternoon that many consider their favorite of the trip.  For more information on Antonella and her fabulous program please follow the link.

All museum visits and church visits are included in the price.

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